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My Approach

I believe each person is unique and a valuable individual and my approach is tailored to their individual needs. Through the use of interventions catered to your specific needs I will take into account your preferred style of working and presenting needs. This will mostly be through dialogue or alternatively, if to your liking we can use creative techniques eg, Art, Stone Work, 2 Chair Work.

I believe counselling should be a safe environment where you are listened to with compassion and without judgment. This will enable you to explore your emotions, thoughts, behaviour and the meaning of events for you. With an empathetic approach I will encourage you to identify what you would like to gain through counselling.

A review can take place every 6-8 sessions to assess progress and explore any difficulties you may still be experiencing that can be explored further in our sessions together.

Gestalt Approach

I am trained as a Gestalt therapist. Gestalt derives from the German word for wholeness. The aim of Gestalt therapy is for a person to discover, explore, experience and accept all aspects of themselves. It's about working with your whole sense of being which can include thoughts, feelings, body awareness, dreams, sensations and spiritually treating every part of you as being equally important.

It is my aim as a Gestalt therapist to promote a non-judgemental self-awareness that enables clients to develop a unique perspective on life. By helping an individual to become more aware of how they think, feel and act in the present moment, Gestalt therapy provides insight in to ways in which he or she can alleviate their current issues and distress in order to aspire their maximum potential.

Andrew Clarke

Andrew Clarke, Counsellor

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